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Herbert Hoover Middle School Media Center: Black-Eyed Susan

BES is a Children's Choice award for the state of Maryland.  The BES Award honors outstanding 
picture books, chapter books, and graphic novels.  Each year 15 picture books, 10 chapter books, and 10 graphic novels are nominated for the award.  Students in the state of Maryland vote for the winning book in each category.  

In order to be eligible to vote, students must read at least 3 of the nominated books in the same category and complete a BES Book Review Form for each book.  These students are invited to a special BES party.  


BES Winners

Chapter Books: Grades 4-6

Chapter Book: Grades 6-9 Nominees

High School Nominees

Graphic Novels: Grades 4-6

Graphic Novels: Grades 6-9 Nominees

Black-Eyed Susan Book Review Form

Updated by HHMS Staff 2019